Coast Tinned Cream

  • Sterilized Cream
  • Blend of skimmed milk and vegetable fat
  • Great for cooking and desserts
  • Various flavours

Coast Cream

Coast Cream Alternative with vegetable fat is carefully made of the most delicious cow’s milk from Holland. This product has a creamy taste and is ideal for cooking. Our Cream can be used as a thickener for sauces and soups or as topping for fruit salads and cakes. It can also be used as a dip or as a spread on a sandwich. Coast Cream is available in various flavours in a convenient easy to open tin packaging and has a shelflife of 18 months when stored correctly.

Consumer Unit

Producttype Packaging Content (gr) Shelflife (month) Production
1 Cream Natural tin 170 18 Holland
2 Cream Strawberry tin 170 18 Holland
3 Cream Honey tin 170 18 Holland
4 Cream Banana tin 170 18 Holland

Trade Unit

Packaging Contents (gr) Size L x W x H (cm) Gross weight (kg) Production
1 Carton 48×170 31.5x24x20.5 10.1 Holland
2 Carton 36×170 31.5x24x15.8 7.6 Holland
3 Carton 36×170 31.5x24x15.8 7.6 Holland
4 Carton 36×170 31.5x24x15.8 7.6 Holland

Container Load

Cartons per 20 ft container Cartons per 40 ft container
1 1050 2310
2 1350 2970
3 1350 2970
4 1350 2970

Custom tariff no.


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